Comcast Xfinity Roku App Comes With Monthly Fee

Comcast Xfinity Roku App Comes With Monthly Fee”

This question, "Xfinity TV on Roku for cable card customers", is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

Comcast Corp. is making its Xfinity TV service available to subscribers with Roku Inc. set-top players via a new app, paving the way for customers of the nation's largest cable provider to watch live programming without the cost or hassle of a cable box.

That great money saving deal Comcast and Roku announced Tuesday for Xfinity TV subscribers might not be so swell after all.

As spotted by Variety, a Comcast support page notes that charges will be put into place at the conclusion of the beta. With this, Comcast and Roku took another step towards the future.

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Comcast might also see revenue streams increase if new Roku users decide they need to crank up their internet service to enjoy the higher resolution, higher data rate 4K Ultra HD versions of Netflix and Amazon Instant Video content.

The Xfinity TV beta app can now be installed via Roku's channel store.

Comcast charges $9.95 a month for Xfinity subscribers who have leased its cable box, but those using their own boxes enjoy a $2.50 discount, which means they only pay $7.45 a month for the service.

Currently Comcast offers the Xfinity TV app with similar functionality to Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets as well as Macs and PCs. But Comcast today is offering one option to its subscribers who have a Roku device.

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During the beta phase, however, at least one Comcast cable box must be in the customer's home somewhere. After launch, however, customers can ditch Comcast's equipment, and stick with just Roku.

Comcast says it wanted to get the app out into the public so that early adopters can "try it out and give us feedback" and "help us make some final tweaks" before launch.

Comcast now charges $9.95 per month as an "additional outlet fee" for set-top boxes, leading us to believe that the monthly cost of using a Roku for watching Xfinity TV will likely be similar. It "will not include the ability to rent or buy programming or play back previously purchased programs", the cable company said.

Planning to participate in the Xfinity TV App beta testing?

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The Comcast Internet gateway can also be used as the cable service gateway, Comcast said.

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