Marijuana might be harmful to teens, group of buzzkill doctors says

Marijuana might be harmful to teens, group of buzzkill doctors says”

Pediatricians are anxious that teen use and parent approval could be on the rise; but while smoking a joint before fourth period chemistry class probably isn't the best idea, and some studies claim that teenage weed smoking could lead to a lower IQ, the chemicals in marijuana affect individuals differently - and one recent study even showed that in England, kids who smoke weed are twice as likely to be in gifted classes than their straight edge peers. But the AAP asks pediatricians to help counteract the perception that marijuana use is therefore "harmless" - especially for teens. Doctors can identify whether the teens are using marijuana on regular basis or the teen are having substance abuse disorder, it could be cured with medical treatment. The recently published technical report provides the detailed evidence and references regarding the research on which the information in this clinical report is based.

Frequent use starting in the early teen years may lower IQ scores, and some studies have shown starting marijuana use at a young age is more likely to lead to addiction than starting in adulthood.

Recreational use is illegal for those younger than 21 even in states that allow adult use.

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Marijuana's potency has also risen demonstrably in the past few decades, which could contribute to parents mistakenly believing that the weak grass they used to smoke in high school is the same stuff their teenagers may smoke today.

The AAP report expresses concerns that legitimizing marijuana as a medication may lead teens to think its a safe drug, regardless of whether it's prescribed or not.

Pediatricians say in addition to slower cognitive development, there is a greater risk for addiction when teens smoke pot.

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Studies have found THC may be helpful for adults in reducing side effects of chemotherapy or pain from certain chronic conditions.

AAP recently issued new guidelines and urging parents and doctors to save the children from the harm of marijuana.

The adverse effects of marijuana have been well documented. It also causes decreased short-term memory and concentration, attention span and problem-solving skills, which can interfere with learning.

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