Volkswagen's self driving vehicle Sedric looks like a Giant Panda

Volkswagen's self driving vehicle Sedric looks like a Giant Panda”

The arrival of the Sedric, however, may not give sleepless nights to Google and Apple who are working on their own self-driving cars as it will remain confined to being a concept. It is based on Volkswagen's future sustainable mobility program "Together - Strategy 2025" and has been designed from scratch based on it.

Volkswagen also said Sedric could serve as a "friend and companion" for your family, which makes us wonder if Volkswagen imagining a built-in artificial intelligence - sort of like Toyota's Concept-i vehicle, which debuted earlier this year with the "Yui" AI.

Located in Potsdam, Germany, the center is still establishing its team structures but a number of initial ideas and concepts are already being explored further.

According to commentators, Sedric had the tiresome, uninspiring look of a toaster, but according to VW it would serve as a "friend and companion" for the family.

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The first concept auto of Volkswagen has an innovative compact design with two part swing doors.

The.Sedric seems designed around the interior, creating a space for people to ride and carry luggage or cargo. This permits a completely new sense of wellbeing in the vehicle - a welcome home feeling. Just press the button - and Sedric comes along, precisely at the time indicated in advance.

"The Concept Car Sedric is a central component of this mobility solution". Passengers can ask the vehicle about the destination, how to get there, the driving time, the current traffic situation and request to make stops along the way.

You won't find a steering wheel or pedals here. The Button alerts a Sedric user as to how long it will take the vehicle to arrive and includes a vibration mode to assist visually impaired users. The one shown on stage at the event might be the only prototype developed by Volkswagen for Sedric.

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The Volkswagen Group describes its new mobility concept as the "father of numerous concepts" already under development, suggesting it will also get "children and grand children" within its portfolio of brands, which include, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Seat and Skoda.

But instead of popping a couple more aspirin and apologizing once again for its misdeeds, VW put a smile on its face and rolled out some happy news: A grandiose plan to democratize future mobility headlined by a friendly autonomous people mover named Sedric.

All information is coming from a large OLED screen with augmented reality, sitting in lieu of the windscreen.

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