Journey of Sidchrome Becoming a Renowned Australian Mechanics’ Tools Brand and Their Array of Products

A subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, Sidchrome is a popular mechanics’ tools manufacturer in and around the Australian province. This brand was unearthed after the Second World War when Royston Siddons’ Drop Forgings Pty Ltd turned to tool manufacturing industry to compensate for post-war scarcities.

Their Manufacturing War House-

The production of tools originally was in the Brunswick region of the Melbourne city, Victoria. Till, 1996, Sidchrome made a name for itself in the machine tools and equipment manufacturing industry, thanks to its high-quality products and after-sales services. Therefore, achieved a massive consumer base in Australia. Then, the company was acquired by The Stanley Works (named Stanley Black & Decker) in the year 2010; consequently, the production house was moved to Taiwan.

Active Participation in the Australia and New Zealand Racing Sports Events

Sidchrome, since 1970’s has been sponsoring and promoting several car racing events in Australia and New Zealand. Being a top-selling automotive brand, since 2007, the company sponsors the most prestigious award in Australia’s V8 Supercar Championship series.

Their Range of Products

An icon in the Australian and New Zealand automotive business, Sidchrome present a complete spectrum of mechanics’ tools and equipment. Their products are of premium quality, offer high-performance, therefore, helping them to gain a dominant foothold in the automotive manufacturing sector. Let’s roll to take a glance at some of their best-in-industry products:

  • Tool Kits  

The tool kits manufactured by Sidchrome not only cover all the basic stuff but also have the latest things, which are quite handy in case of an emergency or when you are stuck on a highway with no one around. The Sidchrome tool kit, include hacksaws, a sequence of wrenches, pliers, and many other useful tools.

  • Tool Storage

The tool storage boxes manufactured by the company are both durable and comparable to carry along with you on your vacation trips for safety, their tool boxes are spacious enough to store all your necessary tools and equipment, and small enough to fit in the boots space of your sedan or hatchback.

  • Spanners and Wrenches

Spanners and wrenches made by Sidchrome come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit unique need of the hour. They have wrencher, which functions with both standard fasteners and metric applications. They are heavy-duty stuff, it is a given they will last for virtually a lifetime.

  • Air and Cordless Tools

Quality and convenience are the two facets of Sidchrome air and cordless tools, which makes them the most powerful and the best in the automotive industry. They are manufactured with utter precision, nixing every possibility of electric shocks. They have superior ergonomics and power to weight ratio. And, lastly, simplicity of use, even an individual, having no experience and knowledge about car servicing can use it with utter ease.

To Wind Up

Before you pick any Sidchrome product online or a store near you, it is great to gander at some of the comments and ratings listed over the internet, to get a fair idea whether that product can solve your purpose or not.