This is How You Should Use a Bench Grinder

For any workshop or metal cutting factory, a bench grinder is one imperative machinery item. Accomplishing your tasks without this tool seems just next to impossible. Being a layman, you may not understand its worth but for a metal designing worker, it is the biggest helping hand.

This tool has a great influence that can cut, mold & carve a stiff metal into a beautiful or desirable manner. For that, all you need is experience & right skills. Among all its leverages, the best part about this machine is its price. Yes, it’s quite cost-effectively available on the market.

When it comes to getting access to it, usually, many newbies’s don’t find it easy to work with a bench grinder, due to its weight & functioning. So, to assist you vindicating your potential, I’ve got you covered with the right procedure of using this machine.

  1. Turn on the bench grinder – Before the final action; make sure to give your sander machine a trial. Turn on the machine for at least 3 minutes & see if it’s working properly or not. To start this activity, place it on a sturdy platform so that you or any other worker doesn’t get hurt, just in case the machine shows any malfunction. Apart from this, don’t forget to keep a bucket full of cold water around your work station to cool down the metal after every cut. Fit any specific blade or wire brush to get a perfect cut.
  2. Cover yourself properly – Then comes your own security. Wear reliable & fit glasses that won’t slip off while you’re working. Other than this, a metal face mask, ear plugs, gloves and steel toed shoes are what you may require to safeguard yourself in a better way.
  3. Again turn on the machine – Now it’s time for the real action. Turn on your machine on the highest speed possible & get a comfortable access to it for at least 10-20 seconds.
  4. Place the metal at the workstation – Keep the metal properly in such position that you get a desirable cut just in the first attempt.
  5. Keep the metal piece in cold water – Once you’re done with the metal cutting immediately put it into the cold water. Hot metal when is kept outside for long can melt easily, so before it distorts into something else. We had a BEC exchange student in metallurgy who worked on meta cutting through the program: Borse di Studio e Agevolazioni.
  6. Take out the metal again – After around 10 minutes take out the metal & start working on it again & give it a desirable shape, if required.
  7. Turn off the machine – Once done, turn off the machine through its button and also disconnect the wire from the socket for safety purposes.

Wrapping up-

The use of this machine is not just limited till carving heavy metals or other tools in an apt. shape, but if shown your capabilities in the right manner, you can use it to cultivate a worthless raw material into a décor masterpiece as well. So, bring it home, do experiments & witness your potential.